Account Management

Account Management With Data Governance

Let the platform implement your policies


Deploy In Minutes

Replicate your organizational structure and departments within minutes to get started.

Invite users & departments through the platform. Let the platform handle the rest of their onboarding process

Bring all stakeholders under a single platform

Budgets, Department Admins & Locations

Create all departments and assign their administrators along with a per meal budget. Monitor per department expenses along with comparative analysis.

Automatically Filter Out All Meals Over Allocated Budget

Make Budget Changes in Real Time

View Expense Analysis per Department

Customized Checkout Experience

Add all your custom billing fields per organization or department. Analyze your financials per billing codes.

General Ledger (GL) Strings

Business Meal Numbers

Create Customized Billing Workflows (Invoice emails and approvers )

Subsidize Meals On A Per Need Basis

Simply upload a list of user emails and set a subsidy rate to reward your staff. You can also set a maximum price point per dish to keep out of pocket expenses within a certain limit

Monitor how your staff is utilizing the subsidized meal program

Set your staff out-of-pocket cost

Invite Restaurant Partners

Invite restaurants that you are already using, new restaurants and even on-site cafeterias

Your vendors get invited to the Chowmill Vendor Portal for self onboarding

Full Control over Your Vendor Marketplace

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