Does your head spin thinking about flawless catering for your event, meetings or employees?

Where the food talks and the stress walks?


Experience the joy of effortless catering... 

Delivered seamlessly to your event, meeting, party, whatever... so you can enjoy more savings, more flavors and more time to actually eat, not just coordinate.

Top Local


We find the most highly reviewed & rated mom & pop shops, big brands, ethnic and fusion restaurants.

300+ Meals

Leave No One Behind

We elevate our food selection by helping restaurants craft more dishes that can satisfy allergens and dietary restrictions.

Seamless Delivery

99% Operational Accuracy

Dedicated team with account specific details related to setup, delivery timing, parking etc.

Skip the guesswork and trying to figure everything out yourself.

Welcome to a new era of catering for your events, office meals & business meetings!

Our innovative platform simplifies the entire process, letting you browse and order from a diverse selection of top local restaurants—all in one convenient location.

Say goodbye to the days of juggling phone calls and emails with multiple restaurants and caterers.

Now, with just a few clicks, you can arrange everything from hearty breakfasts for early meetings to elegant dinners for special events.

  • Streamlined Selection Process: Our user-friendly interface allows you to filter options based on cuisine type, dietary restrictions, and budget, making it quick and easy to match your specific needs. Whether you're in the mood for Italian, craving some vegan specialties, or need gluten-free options, everything is at your fingertips.
  • Flexible and Reliable Delivery: We understand that timing is everything. That's why we ensure that your food arrives fresh and on time. Our platform provides real-time updates on your orders, so you can rest assured knowing when your food will arrive, letting you focus on the more important aspects of your event or meeting.
  • Customizable Menus for Every Occasion: Each event is unique, and our platform reflects that. Customize your menu to suit the theme and atmosphere of your gathering. Whether it’s a casual office get-together, a formal corporate event, or anything in between, you can design a menu that perfectly fits the occasion.
  • Unmatched Convenience and Control: Embrace the simplicity and variety our platform offers and transform the way you handle catered food for any event or office meeting. Enjoy more flavors, more choices, and more time to enjoy your event, while we take care of the details.

The “CHOWMILL” Platform

Chowmill Menu

All Inclusive Meals Solution For Any Event, Guests & Employees

Let's face it, solving dietary needs is a hard problem to solve. With limited menus it becomes nearly impossible & unlike others we are focused on solving this for your guests & employees.

Chowmill offers the largest selection of unique menus from top local restaurants to ensure all guests & employees find their favorite meals and place order for themselves or our dedicated staff can place the order on your behalf.

Tons of choices to satisfy requirements based on lifestyle, dietary & culinary preferences


Dairy Free Meals


Vegetarian Meals


Gluten Free Meals


Vegan Meals


Halal Meals







American, Middle-Eastern,
Hawaiian, Indian, Asian, Mexican, Italian

  • 1
    Mix & Match: A mix and match menu of the best dishes from Bay Area's best restaurants. Enjoy your local favorites from 100s of daily dishes as well as the best of other neighboring cities.
  • 2
    Individually Packed or Buffet: Choose from individually packed meals for ease and safety or opt for the classic buffet style to offer variety and a communal dining experience.
  • 3
    Recyclable Packaging: All our dishes come in either recyclable, compostable or reusable packaging. We continue to strive towards reusable containers for a true zero carbon footprint. We donate leftovers to local soup kitchens to help the needy.
individually boxed meals in Bay Area
Catering in Bay Area

Enjoy Effortless Catering

Chowmill Guarantee

The Chowmill Guarantee™

Backup restaurants & emergency meal replacements for any last minute restaurant/order cancellations so your guests or employees never go hungry. We are highest rated meal delivery service backed by The Chowmill Guarantee™

Give everyone the ability to find what they are looking for


Chowmill Meal Delivery Platform

Our Customers Love Our Platform:

"The best meal service we have seen..."

The best meal service we have seen! Amazing customer service & truly unmatched variety, our team absolutely  oves it! A must have service for your office meals, we highly recommend Chowmill!

Ann Place

Office Manager,


"The only meal service that works for us..."

Chowmill is the only meal service that works for us because of our diverse team & dietary preferences. With 100’s of options to choose from on a daily basis, employees get to pick meals based on their lifestyle!

Terry O’Donnell

Executive Assistant,

Bristol Myers Squibb

"I love the variety..."

I love the variety of lunches offered, the ease of ordering, customer service & the fact that it is all within our budget. Our doctors & residents look forward to their daily lunches!

Christopher Burdios

Administrative Specialist,

Kaiser Permanente

"Experience that is absolutely loved..."

We went from what we thought was a great meal service to an experience that is absolutely loved by all our employees! Satisfaction ratings are up and we are seeing more employees coming back onsite!

Tricia Uyeda

Office Manager

Clear Labs

"Options for everyone...."

Having a meal program that reflects our commitment to a diverse & all-inclusive culture is extremely important for us. Chowmill fits that bill by offering a tremendous variety of options for everyone.

Tina Ambrogi

Office Manager,


"Tried at least a dozen office meal providers..."

Trying to feed 500+ employees everyday is super stressful, we must have tried at least a dozen office meal providers....Eat Club, Forkable, Relish, waiter, etc...but nothing compares to Chowmill! Amazing customer service & employees love the huge selection of options available everyday!

Missy Hazen

Workplace Manager,

10x Genomics

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