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The Chowmill Experience

Bay Area companies choose Chowmill because of our unique offerings
Hundreds of Restaurants, Vendors, and Dishes

Our breadth ensures that employees will always find a delicious, non-repetitive dish they love!

Largest Selection of Vegan, Gluten Free, Halal & Plant-Based Meals

Satisfying a large variety of dietary preferences every day.

In-House Crafted Dishes

Get access to special and secret restaurant menus not available anywhere else.

Best-of-the Bay, Local Favorites + New Restaurants

Employees can choose meals from their favorite restaurants or restaurants they’ve always wanted to try!

Unique-to-Table Options: Mom & Pops, Famous Chain & Food Trucks

Employees love the unique format options our platform has to offer.

Invite Your Favorite Restaurants

We continually consider new employee recommendations for our platform offerings.

Bay Area Companies Who Love Using Chowmill

Chowmill Delivery, Services & Logistics

Highest rated meal delivery service backed by The Chowmill Guarantee ™
Same Day Ordering (Coming Soon)

Employees can place their orders a week in advance or the day of delivery.

The Chowmill Guarantee ™

Backup restaurants & emergency meal replacements for any last minute restaurant/order cancellations so your employees never go hungry.

Dedicated Drivers

A team of drivers assigned just for your organization bringing all the meals at the same time from 8+ restaurants.

Individually Packaged or Buffet Service

Fully labeled with grouping & rack setup for seamless experience. Onsite "Find Your Meal" tablet kiosks to help employees locate their dish.


Industry leading 99.8% on-time and accurate.

Delivery Notifications & Reports

Automated email/sms delivery notifications. Monitor your delivery team and drivers in real time.

Dedicated Support & Account Management

Phone, chat, email to help resolve issues right away. Bi-weekly/Monthly service review to ensure your meal program is successful.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Compostable, Recyclable & Reusable optimized for workplace meals

The Chowmill Platform

Packed with powerful features for a truly personalized & seamless experience. 
Seamless Signup With Company Branding
User Management & Personas

Create FTEs, Contractors, Managers / Executives or Guests.

Works for Any Budget

Pay for all, some or none of your employee’s meal costs.

Personalized User Experience

Intelligent recommendations & powerful filters with automated order reminders & delivery notifications.

Live Reports

Monitor your cost/savings, service & food ratings, employee reviews, restaurants ratings & so much more in real time.

Chowmill vS Others

See why nearly 90% of employees prefer Chowmill over other services
  • Chowmill
  • Doordash, Relish
  • Forkable
  • Zero Cater
ChowmillDoordash, RelishForkableZero Cater
Hundreds of Unique Dishes from 8+ Restaurants Limited & Repetitive Mass produced cafeteria food
Local Favorites + Best of the Bay + Food Trucks + Caterers & ChefsOnly Local
Same Day Ordering
Emergency Replacement Meals
Exclusive Dishes
Invite Favorite Restaurants
Live Reports to Monitor Cost / Savings, Ratings & ReviewsLimited
Multiple User Personas: Unlimited admins, full-time employees, contractors, managers/executives
Dedicated Drivers / Onsite Support
Monthly Meal Plan ReviewsLimitedLimited
Last Minute On-Demand Ordering
Meals from All Restaurants Delivered at the Same Time
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