Honestly now, is this the best way to manage
food ordering at your enterprise?

Manual and adhoc food management without data insights does not help leaders in making optimal
business decisions. These are the problems our customers DON’T experience anymore

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As a leader are you having problems ensuring your guidelines are being followed?

  • No data governance
  • Cannot control budget allocation
  • Lack of real-time data insights
  • Lack of live reports or business intelligence
  • No way to measure guidelines being met

The process for ordering food even
within a single enterprise is Highly

  • Multiple disorganized solutions
  • Multiple Third party delivery companies
  • Manually ordering and managing orders
  • No way to identify wastage
  • Fragmented data

No One Likes Fragmented Meal
Solutions That Lack Insight And Cannot be monitored. How Much Is This Costing You?

Not able to make optimal business decisions can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual losses.
How do you expect your teams to follow your guidelines and be productive if you don’tempower them
with a specialized business meal platform.

  • Paying 20% over menu prices
  • Inability to identify wastage
  • Office admins waste 30 min on average ordering food
  • Cannot define food expense KPIs and meet goals
  • Unable to control budget allocation across departments
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Here’s how you can manage food expenses across all organizations while instantly
saving 30% in costs

Chowmill is the only platform that helps leaders at large enterprises promote a data-driven culture around food expenses. Let us help you save time and money by putting your data to work.

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See How You Can Instantly Reduce Food Wastage and Cost
Upon Deploying Our Enterprise Ready Platform

Instantly deploy across your
entire enterprise

Your account will be set up to include all your
departments and users. You will be able to govern your data such as Role based settings, personas and
hierarchy will be programmed based on your needs

  • “Can I assign budgets per user/department?” Fill the body
  • “Can i have multiple locations in different geographies?” Fill the body
Modern Business Intelligence,
Analytics and Data Governance

Have powerful data views on your real-time dashboards for in-depth analysis. Give everyone a view of what is going on. Get more value from your data, do more with your data, and enable others to work with data in more ways.

Your teams will love you for
empowering them

Chowmill is the only business meal platform
that covers all use cases and automates
the workflow of placing orders.

See why admins love us
Sign up and Invite existing vendors

Our platform sends out invitation links to your
vendors for easy and quick onboarding.
Our 24/7 support staff offloads this entire
process from your plate:

  • We can provide more suppliers
  • Order directly from your local restaurants
  • Pay menu price
  • Receive discounts
Help your local community

Become a major player in reviving local businesses
by ordering directly from vendors in the local

  • And by the way Chowmill does not charge
    commissions from restaurants.