An All Inclusive Meal Program for your Diverse Workforce

All-Inclusive Meal Programs for Your Diverse Workforce

Unmatched variety to satisfy even your pickiest eaters! Built for the new hybrid workplace with no minimum orders!

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Is your current food program leaving your employees dissatisfied?

Limited Menus

Repetitive Meals

Ignored Dietary Restrictions

Ignored Personal Preferences

No Customizations Allowed

A true Marketplace offering 100’s of unique dishes daily. Unprecedented variety loved by all employees!

Same Day Variety With 100's of Unique Dishes

Plant Based, Vegan, Gluten Free Dishes

Custom Crafted Locally Sourced Dishes

Ethnic Dishes

Powered by Locally Owned Restaurants

See why employees love Chowmill

“Delicious! I love masa anyways, and this did not disappoint - I actually had to text someone about how much I loved these tamales.”
Employee at 10x Genomics

“Really great bento box.
Fresh and delicious. Thank you!”
Employee at Bristol-Myer Squibb

“Awesome lunch! plenty of meat and sides. Lime slice included which was perfect for the beans. Thanks!”
Employee at Kaiser Permanente

Office Managers,

Seamlessly roll out new meal programs for your entire company

Set and Manage Budgets & Subsidies

Individually Packaged & Labelled Meals

Automatic Reminders for Your Users

No Minimum Order Quantity

Dedicated Drivers & Account Reps

See why office managers love Chowmill

Chowmill has contributed significantly in keeping our staff at 10x Genomics happy & safe! And helped keep a lot of our local restaurants open during COVID-19. With an easy to use platform and huge variety of menu options, we never have anyone eating the same meal twice. Thank you Chowmill for stepping up when no one else could!
Lauren Zaffree
Workplace Manager, 10x Genomics
We are constantly receiving great feedback from our employees on both the high quality of their food and professional delivery staff. The simple and user friendly web app helps employees easily select their food. The wide variety of food at reasonable prices makes Chowmill a unique company.
Hamid Shadman
Clara Analytics
I love the variety of lunches offered, the easiness of ordering, the service and the fact that it is all within budget.
Kanika Sharma
Administrator - Allergy, San Jose

Leadership Team,

Make your Food Perk wildly Successful

Built for Your Diverse Workforce

We closely monitor and analyze ratings and aim for 100% employe satisfaction

Help Revive Your Local Community

We source from local mom-and-pop restaurants as well as minority owned businesses to bring you the best meals

Data-Informed & Continuously Optimized Meals Programs

We closely review and share anonymized ratings and reviews data with our restaurant partners to improve meals. Our in-house culinary experts are also constantly thinking up new dishes to offer to your employees.

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