All your workplace meals in one platform

with endless variety & always on budget

We support group meetings, catering, subsidized individual meals and more.
With Chowmill you can schedule and order all of your business meals in advance.

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Our Platform

An Enterprise Meal Management Platform

Outlook-like calendar with easy way to create meetings and manage all company meals

Supporting group meetings, catering, subsidized individual meals and more.

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Dedicated driver

Finally, someone that arrives on time and knows how you like to setup your meals!

Always on budget!

We filter your options for the budget you select so there’s no way you can go over budget!

Dedicated Support

Get an immediate response from our dedicated team for all your needs.

Thousands of Amazing Dishes

Endless Variety to Satisfy Even Your Pickiest Eaters

 Excellent variety and presentation of food. Even my picky-eaters only have positive feedback on the food from Chowmill! 

Administrative Specialist
Gluten & dairy free, vegan & more
20+ different types of cuisines
Available for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Ordering all of your workplace meals doesn’t have to be this painful…

Ordering meals for your staff can be overwhelming & stressful.
These are the problems our customers DON’T experience anymore. Does this sound familiar?

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let us help you fix it
Having problems with satisfying a diverse set of meal preferences?

Ordering meals for your staff can be overwhelming & stressful. These are the problems our customers DON’T experience anymore.

Try Chowmill instead
Tired of delayed deliveries?

No one likes delays and cold food… Why keep using vendors that provide inexperienced drivers?

Chowmill uses a dedicated driver for your deliveries.

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Managing meals across different platforms?

Our competitors solve single use cases. Our platform enables ordering for group meetings, catering, subsidized individual meals and more to provide a seamless experience.

Why not use just one platform?

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Tired of not staying under budget?

Unlike other services, we show one out-the-door price for a dish. With taxes, fees and other hidden costs the meals always end up being more expensive than you expected.

We ensure all your meals to be under budget.

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No One Likes Cold, Overpriced And/or Late Meals, How Much Is That Costing You?

If your employees are frustrated with their workplace meals how do you expect them
to perform well? How does that affect your productivity
and your engagement?

Losing employee
Waste of the office
manager’s time
Wasting the employee’s
Going over budget Bad impression during
client meetings

Here’s How You Can Order All Of Your Meals
On Time, With Variety And Always
Within Budget

Whether your employees want to pick their own meals or you want to order buffet style meals for them, Chowmill can handle it all! By automating most of the decision process and letting you order your meals without the lack of variety or using multiple platforms you won’t have to worry about workplace meals again!

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STEP01 Choose Your Meal Preferences

Just select your meal preferences and our platform will automatically filter through thousands of meals based on:

  • Dietary restrictions
  • Favorite cuisines
  • Within your budget
“Can we subsidize meals?” Yes! Our platform supports various types of subsidies you can offer your employees. “How much variety do you offer?” Our platform has thousands of meals with new selections added every day.
STEP02 See Your Meal Calendar up to 30 Days Out

Our outlook like calendar helps admins and/or employees order all of the meals (lunch, dinner, meetings...) up to 30 days in advance.

“Would I be able to order or cancel additional meals?” Yes! You can manage all meals being delivered to your office. You can also cancel or override meals for your employees. “Can I share a menu with guests?” Yes! And manage your guests' meals.
STEP03 A Dedicated Driver Will Deliver Your Meals On Time

We’ll assign a dedicated driver to ensure the best delivery experience possible.

“Will these meals be labeled?” All meals are labeled and sorted. “Will the driver deliver to a meeting room?” Yes, our drivers carefully follow given delivery instructions.
STEP04 We Cover All Of The Setups You’ll Ever Need!

We cover all of the following and more.

  • Simple Drop off
  • White glove service
  • Attendant
  • Clean up
  • Repackage (or donate) left overs

What customers have to say Take a look at why customers love Chowmill for their office meals

Check How You Can Automate All of Your Meal
Programs In A Few Minutes
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