Group Ordering For Departmental Meetings

Provide high quality on-demand services to meeting attendees


Place Orders For Entire Month In Minutes

Department admins save 45 minutes on average with our quick check out processed. Custom requirements are built into the checkout process. A single view with all future delivery details provides a quick perspective

Satisfy Dietary Preferences Of Your Internal Customers

Our platform collects various dietary and cuisine preferences per user.

Compare your dietary requirements with what your vendors are offering.

Guest Ordering
Made Seamless

Allow your guests to choose their own meals.

No need for your guests to create accounts, or fuss with complicated workflows. Simply share your meeting link as you would share any document.

Delivery Updates & Chat Feature

Delivery updates along with direct chat with your vendors ensures every delivery is on-time and done right.

Customized Checkout Experience

Customized ordering process means your unique requirements will be automated.

Delivery Contacts, Rooms & Instructions

Per Meal Budget Requirements

Required Billing Fields (GL Strings, Invoice Approvers, BM Numbers, etc)

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