Huge Variety Everyday & In The Long Run

Personalized Marketplace of Restaurants With
High-Touch Service that Your Employees Will Love


New dishes for weeks without repetition

Satisfy your staff's dietary requirements

Add local restaurants that your staff love

Hundreds of Local Restaurants

Your staff will never get tired of the food offering with hundreds of dishes from various cuisine types readily available for delivery.

Select Restaurants Your Employees Love

Let the platform provide real-time insights on what type of restaurants to add or remove.

Add or Remove Restaurants Based on Cuisines & Dishes Types

Use restaurant and dish ratings to retain or remove restaurants

See Employee Dietary Preferences in Real Time

Continuously Add More Variety by Inviting New Restaurants

Send invitations to new restaurants and let the platform handle the remaining onboarding process.

Vendor Portal for Streamlined Restaurant On-Boarding

Automated Ordering & Billing Experience

Streamlined Vendor Support & Communication

All Your Use Cases Covered

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Grab and Go or Buffet Style

Labeled Individual Meals With Grouped Onsite Setup

Extend Services To All Your Locations

Create marketplaces for all your locations across North America regardless of the workforce size.

Nationwide Service

Including Satellite Offices

All Inclusive Meal Programs Across All Your Locations

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