Honestly now, is this the best way to manage
food ordering at your enterprise?

Manual and adhoc food management without data insights does not help leaders in making optimal
business decisions. These are the problems our customers DON’T experience anymore.

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Understanding and meeting everyone’s dietary needs is extremely hard to achieve

  • No data on everyone’s dietary needs
  • Lack of variety
  • Unsatisfied workforce means less productivity

Processes related to ordering and managing meals at large enterprises are extremely time consuming

  • Archaic solutions & outdated software platforms
  • Hours wasted on placing orders & managing deliveries
  • Manual processes for invoicing
  • Manual processes for managing food vendors
  • No way of implementing new initiatives and programs

Fractionalized solutions and multiple vendors

  • Multiple disorganized solutions
  • Multiple Third party delivery companies
  • Manually ordering and managing orders
  • No way to identify wastage
  • Fragmented data

As a leader, are you having troubles making decisions due to lack of data insights?

  • Not knowing everyone’s dietary preference
  • Lack of real-time data insights
  • Lack of live reports or business intelligence
  • No way to measure guidelines being met

No way to efficiently manage budget & increase savings

  • Paying up to 30% to 3rd party delivery companies
  • No way to ensure budgetary guidelines being met across the enterprise
  • Lack of live financial reporting and monitoring

No One Likes Fragmented Meal Solutions That
Lack Insight And Are Not Satisfying The Needs of Your Workforce. How Much Is This Costing You?

Not able to make optimal business decisions can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual losses and dissatisfied workforce. As a leader, how do you expect your teams to follow your guidelines and be productive if you don’t empower them with a specialized Enterprise Meal Management Platform (EMMP).

  • Lack of insight like data views, live reporting, cost analysis
  • Not able to solve dietary preferences
  • Workforce tired of eating the same food
  • Office admins wasting up to 30 minutes on food ordering
  • Multiple Manual and inefficient processes
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Here’s how you can elevate food quality and replace all archaic solutions with a single platform while keeping existing vendors

Chowmill is the only platform that helps leaders at large enterprises promote a data-driven culture around dietary management. Let's put your data to work and improve employee satisfaction while saving time and money with better processes.

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See How You Can Instantly Make Improvements Upon
Deploying Our Enterprise Ready Platform

Replace fractionalized & dysfunctional solutions with our enterprise meal management platform

Seamlessly bring everyone under a unified platform; All departments, employees, admins, finance team, dieticians, your existing vendors and hundreds of new food vendors & restaurants.

  • “What about my existing vendors on contract?” We do not compete with your vendors. We will help you onboard your existing vendors onto our platform.
  • “Do you make the food in house and do you add price markups?” We do not make the food in house. We help connect your favorite local restaurants using our platform.
Satisfy employee dietary preferences

Analyze and satisfy the dietary preferences of your diverse workforce and Improve overall employee satisfaction.

Powerful data views and insights for your health and wellness team, nutritionist and dieticians helps them to to make your meal program wildly successful

Make optimal business decisions

Out of the box dashboards & live reporting for all your users; leadership team, finance team, departmental admins, and Managers.

Real-time monitoring and management of budgets and expenses across all your enterprise so you can easily Identify & eliminate wastage

Your teams will love you for empowering them

Replacing existing archaic processes With a unified platform & automated workflows.

Boost productivity as Admins save countless hours spent on unnecessary food ordering hassles. Dietary guidelines and new initiatives will actually get implemented this time.

See why admins love us
Customizations? Not a problem

We understand the needs of enterprise customers and fully support all third party integrations and customizations.

Help your local community

Become a major player in reviving local businesses
by ordering directly from vendors in the local

  • And by the way Chowmill does not charge
    commissions from restaurants.