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“Chowmill has made the meal ordering process so convenient! We love the platform, automated workflows and are constantly receiving great feedback from our doctors. Thank You Chowmill!”
Rosalinda Sandoval
Physician Education
“Chowmill has solved our problem. We were constantly searching for new, tasty food. With Chowmill we don’t have to worry about variety anymore and our staff loves it. Chowmill is totally supportive when setting up the process. They are timely and friendly. Thank you Chowmill!!”
Sharon Costa
Pathology/Clinical Lab
“Chowmill has contributed significantly in keeping our staff at 10x Genomics happy & safe! And helped keep a lot of our local restaurants open during COVID-19. With an easy to use platform and huge variety of menu options, we never have anyone eating the same meal twice. Thank you Chowmill for stepping up when no one else could!”
Lauren Zaffree
Workplace Manager, 10x Genomics
“I would like to thank the Chowmill team for all the work they have done for us over the past year. We are constantly receiving great feedback from our employees on the high quality of food.The simple and user friendly web app helps employees easily select their food. The wide variety of food at reasonable prices makes Chowmill a unique company. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Chowmill for a long time.”
Hamid Shadman
Office Manager, Clara Analytics
“Excellent customer service. Very fast and reliable. Very accommodating to our needs. Excellent variety and presentation of food. Even my picky-eaters only have positive feedback on the food from Chowmill!”
Liz Chua​
Administrative Specialist​, Hospital Medicine
“Chowmill makes it really easy for me as an admin and allows our employees to choose their favorite meals. We love the variety and on-demand service”
Vijaya Jagadish
Office Manager, Qubole Inc.
“Prior to Chowmill we had lots of issues. We lacked variety and were getting tired of cold meals and sandwiches, drivers were always changing and getting lost causing delays, inconsistent billing and errors,lack of communication & poor customer service. With Chowmill we get an easy & appealing platform, variety in cuisine and introduction to new food that our doctors love! Seamless ordering process and billing procedure. We feel that customer support is 24/7!”
Rabia Jamil
GME Consultant
“I had to double check everything with the old service as employees would always complain that the meals were not labelled, were either missing or wrong. Chowmill provides an easy to use meal calendar with automatic reminders for employees. Lunches and dinners are always on time delivered fresh. I can make multiple changes without any hesitation and their support responds right away!”
Athena Bugarin
Workplace Manager, Wave Computing
“We are new to Chowmill and so far, I must say that we are extremely happy with the great variety offered and super attentive customer service. Our account was set up really quickly and we were able to use our dashboard immediately. Chowmill eliminates time consuming lunch ordering process! Thanks for all your help”
Gloria Trumpett
Administrator, Hospital Medicine
“As an admin for my department, I have to order meals for meetings & events quite frequently. Looking for reliable restaurants and coordinating deliveries takes too much work and time. Chowmill removes all that hassle and I don’t have to waste my time. My staff including doctors & physicians are finally getting the food they love. Thank you Chowmill! You have made life easy”
Mary Rallo
Administrator, Pathology/Clinical Lab
“It’s been a pleasure doing business with Chowmill! Chowmill’s Customer Service team has saved me on many occasions walking me through the entire process from ordering to food setup. This is an easy to use platform and provides a variety of options at reasonable pricing. Thank you for the consistent support, and we look forward to our next order.”
Enrique R. Serrano
Project Coordinator, Palo Alto Foundation Medical Group
“I love the variety of lunches offered, the easiness of ordering, the service and the fact that it is all within budget.”
Kanika Sharma
Administrator - Allergy, San Jose

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